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Reimaging devices is often the first step in re-provisioning existing devices or solving device issues quickly. Now Micro’s ImageSync Appliance was designed to simplify the tasks of capturing, managing, deploying and re-imaging devices in the field using PXE and USB flash drives. Additionally, ImageSync syncs all of your images with Now Micro’s production facility ensuring your devices arrive with the most up to date image, eliminating the need for constant updating and shipping of “Gold Images.”

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Product Features

  • Branch Office Support: Ensure all of your support locations are using the same images with additional ImageSync appliances
  • USB Flash Drive Creation: With the push of a button create bootable USB flash drives for field re-imaging
  • Centralizing Management: Centralizaed repository for all images
  • Easy Image Transfer: Eliminating the need for shipping of images or FTP transfers, greatly decreasing the time needed for image testing and validation between engineering teams
  • Image Consistency: With Now Micro and your engineering team working from the same synced image repository you can ensure image consistency across manufacturing, in-house imaging, as well as support

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