Recast offerings are expanding and going forward, the right click tools will be referred to as Recast RCT.
RCT Enterprise and RCT Free.

Recast RCT Enterprise


Recast RCT Free


Active Directory Tools

System Center ConfigMgr Console Add-in

Device Tools

Collection Tools

Content Tools

User Tools

Lab Manager

Kiosk mode and set for testing

Status Message Tool

Troubleshooting task sequence

Content Information Tool

Query Tool

Push Custom Scripts

AD Bit Locker Recovery Tool

Security Auditing

Creates a record of administrator actions

Mobile Apps Available

iOS and Android and Windows Phone

Centralized Permissions

Pre-Built help desk security role & Role-based administration

Email Support

Recast RCT Enterprise drastically increases the usability and functionality of SCCM. The extension helps administrators access live and inventoried data and then take immediate action.

Live Data: Gain access to live data everywhere and act on users, devices and infrastructure immediately
Troubleshoot: Rapidly troubleshoot Task Sequences, PXE, Distribution Points, Content Management and a whole lot more
Support: Empower your helpdesk to better serve end-users without sacrificing security or control
Security: Support for enterprise networks, firewalls, centralized permissions and auditing
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Recast RCT Free 2.4 has been released.  Take advantage of a limited set of features of the Recast RCT Free Tools in our locally installed  version.  Perfect for small environments with simple networks with no need for centralized permission management or security auditing.