System Recovery Console

Now Micro offers Intelligent Systems with System Recovery Console, an interface for performing restores of backups or updating the operating system container remotely. It provides key feature capabilities to select Windows operating systems by using a centralized operating system installation. Components packaged with Now Micro Intelligent Systems include a system recovery console (SRC), the shell (an alternate for running a single application), configurator, cloud update server, and a recovery image. Until now, media player support has been a nightmare that involves dissecting the problem in hardtoreach areas, dispatching a technician, shipping a new device, and reconfiguring that device. With the SRC, this process has been nearly eliminated, enabling end users to reimage their device onsite or remotely in just a few minutes instead of days. At it’s simplest, just roll back the system to the last time it worked, and reboot. Now Micro Intelligent Systems with SRC let users roll back to a previous day’s backup stored locally while the system is still running. If the primary operating system is inoperable, users can run SRC and recover the system using an alternate boot image from the console. System Recovery Console is available with all brands of hardware: Intel, AOPEN, and Now Micro devices.


  • Backup and restore the operating system locally while the system is running.
  • Update the running image with a minimum of network traffic using a binary delta update technology (RDC).
  • Update the running image over unreliable or throttled network connections (BITS).
  • Perform actions remotely with support tools, such as LogMeIn.
  • Run SRC and recover the system if the primary operating system is inoperable with an alternate boot image used from the console.
  • Reapply system customizations to the system after an update.
  • Configure system settings in a wizard without requiring the need to find GUI’s/command lines in Windows Embedded.


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